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Sandy writes about the human spirit.

Sandy Sisson Born: Atlanta, GA, Graduated: Springfield College, Springfield, MA

Forty years later I find myself with two married children and six
grandchildren living in Blowing Rock, NC. by way of Rocky Mount, NC, Fort Walton Beach, FL, and other homes along the journey.

Work Experience: Community Recreation Director, Challenged Adult  Workshop Trainer, Lifeguard, YM/YWCA staff member, Youth/Program Congregational Care Minister, Camp Counselor, Food Service Preparer, and many other odd endings and beginnings. Years later I am writing short stories and  designing and facilitating retreats, workshops, and playing photographer. 

I am focused on writing a book about Bass Lake.  The book is evolving into the seasons of life - with the lake providing an intimate background.  My hope will be to incorporate my photos in this writing journey.

Sandy Sisson, interviewed by Maggie Bishop

*Give us your "elevator pitch" about your current writing project:  A writing project that is due in a week. A newsletter article entitled The Amazing PACE (an off-shoot of The Amazing Race reality television show) and you ask, how I am doing on getting it done? The answer, I had better be on a faster PACE!  The "elevator" is going down to my deadline - hardly time to make a pitch....

*What brought you to the Boone area?   A family cabin, the Blue Ridge Parkway, childhood memories, the change of earth seasons - and a new season in my personal life.

*What are you currently reading & why?  Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Relin.  Recommended by a friend. A wonderful read. The inclusion of mountain adventures - not our Blue Ridge types but K2 types, and seeing peace building by passionate human spirits. A wonder, isn't it, how our lives encircle new places, new people, new challenges when we find ourselves lost - we find a "found place."  Give this book a try!

*What’s something crazy you can see yourself doing?  Getting a RV, traveling the border of the US, at times having friends/family meeting me for different sections. Writing a book along the way. Why? I am tired and saddened when we see parts of the US as the "heartland of America" - when we all have hearts. And when I hear blue/red states my heart beat rises. My heart beat starting rising as soon as the state I was in was declared red - and I thought "no" I put a bit of blue in there - and many other people did my state must be a shade of deep purple.  Such unneeded divisions and walls. I relish in the diverse nature - and the strong common threads that hold and sometime we find mending us together. Anyone want to be put on my traveling list? 

*What’s something your parents didn’t get about you?  They "got" just about everything and felt loved for me being me. However, must admit, it took awhile for my father to realize that I was never going to understand those high school math problems  - after sitting at the dining room table in tears many a night. 

*What do you do when you’re not writing or doing a chore?  The land and water calls me to come out and play - to hike, stroll, paddle, rest, find my racket.  Then there is music - varied as my life. You may find me dancing away in my home....

*What do you like about your best friend?  Being Sandy is accepted. Seeing humor even though we have had difficult situations in our lives.

*The best decision I ever made was:  Taking the jump - and traveling from Florida to Colorado to become a seasonal employee at the YMCA of the Rockies. I had to work it out with my full time job - they said go - just be sure to come back after six months. I did. And the Rockies reached into my soul again for other seasons.  You mountain folk, understand the pull that comes.....

*What surprises you most about your adult life?   At times -  the teenager reappears.

*What was your first job?  Making my bed, taking out the trash - elevated to a paying job.....lifeguard, swim teacher, camp counselor.

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