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Jeff Block has been a Watauga county resident since 1977 when he moved from Brooklyn, N.Y. with his first and soon to be ex-wife. He has served as the county's Children's Librarian and has taught elementary school in addition to a decade long stint as social worker for those children who have been adjudicated as violent. His work has always been an extension of his desire to help those in need.
Jeff remarried and has continued to remain an active presence in the community. In 2001 his wife Debbie was stricken with a brain tumor and the happy, carefree existence he and Debbie created for themselves was
shattered. Debbie's condition continued to deteriorate compelling Jeff to become a full time caregiver in late 2008. As of this writing he remains at Debbie's side providing her with as much safety, comfort and happiness as he can muster.
The long hours of isolation led Jeff to write his memoir, 'Nine Years After', the detailed account of his marriage to Debbie and their experiences with the health care system. The book is brutally honest in its description and has received some critical acclaim, including a Book of the Year award from the High Country Writers for 2012.
Jeff's short story 'Origins' has been published in 'Headwaters', an HCW anthology. He has had several of his articles concerning health care and related political issues published in various online publications. Jeff is
currently working on his first novel and hopes to publish it in the near future at which time he will claim the title of 'writer'.
'Nine Years After' is currently available on both Amazon and Kindle. Jeff encourages his readers to correspond with him and can be reached at-

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