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Ingrid enjoys script writing.


Ingrid Kraus is a clinical psychologist in independent practice in Boone, NC, and Director of Counseling for Faculty and Staff at Appalachian State University.

     In her early 20's, when casting about for a career, she moved dusty books around in the Brattle Book Shop in Boston and searched for German and Dutch books for Widener Library acquisitions. She couldn't get print out of her soul and was a newspaper reporter in Alabama, Massachusetts and North Carolina for five years. She loved the irreverence of her colleagues and the people they covered.

     Over the years, she has written for the North Carolina Psychological Association Newsletter and dared to attempt fiction of various guises. She has written a novel, a screenplay, and a number of short and long short stories. So far, her fiction has been published only by High Country Writers, a uniquely sensitive and discerning publisher.

     Ingrid loves the North Carolina mountains and hopes never to have to leave this blessed place for long. She hikes, she gardens, she pets her dog, she tells the cat to scram, she beads, she crochets, she occasionally kisses her husband, visits her friends and grown children, and she writes daily.

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