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Clara Wisdom

What Lorna Knows, stories by Clara Wisdom


Clara Wisdom was born in 1925 at the James Walker Memorial Hospital in Wilmington, North Carolina, and she grew up in a small town called Tabor City, where her father practiced medicine, specializing in obstetrics.  Tabor City is a small market town, located about 70 miles south of Wilmington and 30 miles inland from Myrtle Beach, right on the border between the two Carolinas.  She now lives in Boone, North Carolina, a town nestled in an Appalachian mountain valley, 3,000 feet above sea level, in the northwestern corner of the state.  She has, however, lived most of her life elsewhere: first in Virginia, and Washington, D. C., but mostly in Southern California.   She has also lived in Chicago, as well as in the “snow belt’ of western New York, near Buffalo, and for almost ten years in Toronto, Canada.  After her husband retired from his professorship in Toronto in 1980, they made their home in Ireland, his native land.   The author returned to the United States after the death of her husband.    For about 20 years, before going to Ireland, she taught philosophy to college students in California, New York, and Canada.   In writing these stories, she hopes to share with readers what it was like for her being a member of “the greatest generation.”

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